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Fish Print Site

Fish prints and woodcuts of the place

The prints combine gyotaku, an Asian art form originally practiced by Samurais, and woodcut, a traditional printing method used here to record the place or conditions where the fish was caught. These are unique and original prints. The gyotaku is made by brushing ink onto a fish, then bringing it in contact with rice paper. The woodcuts are made by removing all but the desired image from a block of wood, then inking it and pressing the paper onto the inked surface.

“I fish mostly from the shore - surfcasting. I catch the fish, respectfully kill it, print it (several prints can be made from one fish), wash off the ink, then filet, cook and gratefully eat it ” - ST

New York artist Steve Thurston is originally from Rhode Island. He received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and now works as a Science Illustrator at the American Museum of Natural History.